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Why most of my birth photography clients book as early as first trimester:

Birth photography and one of my most asked questions by potential clients is how early in advance do I need to book my birth photographer? So with that in mind I thought this would be a good time to write a small blog about some of my ideas on timing and why....

Mom, Birth Photographer & Blogger

Mom, Birth Photographer & Blogger       Life as a mom, birth photographer and blogger is nothing short of organized chaos which I can't imagine any other way. I have raised my three children on my own since my husband died four years ago.   I am truly blessed to be...

Birth video capturing your story

One Of The Things That Makes Us Unique is your birth video   Your birth video is unique to you and your birth. One of the most popular items in birth photography, is video footage. It is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to which birth photographer you...

Yellow Lemon welcomes you!

Welcome to Yellow Lemon Birth Photography!   The world of birth photography is growing very rapidly in South Africa. My work at Yellow Lemon Birth Photography involves editing and meeting with new clients regularly. I continue to support past clients and new...
Kristen Van Staden

Kristen Van Staden


Birth Photos by a passionate mom

I’m Kristen van Staden, a single mom to three energetic and happy little ones. My two girls and a boy give me first-hand experience as a mom.

The special moments that births capture

It also reminds me to cherish the special moments I know I will hold close always. This is why I take birth photos and why I do it with passion, care and understanding. You can see this in my work and in what my clients write about my work.

Read some of the birth photo stories here and things you haven’t thought to ask yet.

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