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The world of birth photography is growing very rapidly in South Africa. My work at Yellow Lemon Birth Photography involves editing and meeting with new clients regularly. I continue to support past clients and new photographers wishing to grow their own birth photography business. (I am the relationships manager at SABPA) As I have been trying to keep up with the demand I have not been staying on top of all the wonderful sharing. I do really hope I can be more available to sharing these experiences with you all in 2018. Like our facebook page here.


Yellow Lemon is confident the new look on the website and fresh content will allow you to get a little insight. There are so many incredible times that are captured in the moments of pregnancy, birth and life after these little ones rock your world. And certainly nothing more special than capturing these images and video for new parents to look at for many years to come.
In my experience, birth photography is a journey you take with a client on not just a job as a photographer. Because I am in a very sensitive medical space I take my role as your birth photographer very seriously and respectfully. I will always be there in support of you if you wish but my role as your photographer is to be as discrete as possible.
Please feel free to email through our contact form and I would love to meet with you and discuss the process and how I can capture your birth experience in the best way possible.

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