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Life as a mom, birth photographer and blogger is nothing short of organized chaos which I can’t imagine any other way. I have raised my three children on my own since my husband died four years ago.


I am truly blessed to be able to work flexibly hours. It allows for many moments to still be able to be there with my three kids as their schedules get crazier and as their need for mom fluctuates. They are now three, five and seven, and its when I write that down on a post that it dawns on me how far I have come after loosing my husband. I truelly know that I MADE IT through Gods grace and strength and my sheer determination or need to never give up on a challenge. (I am not sure which one trumps the other), but I MADE IT!!



If I didnt have enough on my plate I have now taken on the task of writing about my experience in life. You can follow me on braverybecomesher if you would like to read more and keep up to date with my writing. I have always believed that through my trials I can help others find their strength. This is my hope through my writing. And I believe the time has come for me to share. It has been a long journey the last four years. However I feel that I am far enough in my journey and strong enough to help others who need to lean on someone now too.


I am forever grateful to the way my path has crossed with every person that has been a building pillar for me and just how birth photography found its way to me at the very time I needed it too. With a job that I absolutely love and couldn’t imagine wanting to do anything else to seeing the sleeping faces of my three kids most of every night I am one happy woman.








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