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It feels like you have waited forever for this moment and You know this time in your life is incredibly special. I want to make sure it is captured in a delicate and beautiful way so that you will forever have your birth story to cherish for many years to come. 




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Kristen’s birth photography journey in Cape Town


Yellow Lemon Baby Birth Photography specialises in capturing births. I am based in Cape Town and have been photographing birth full time for over three years now. Not only do I photograph in Cape Town but I am able and willing to travel to different parts of South Africa should you wish.


Why I decided to become a birth photographer


A little more about me as a woman and as a birth photographer. My name is Kristen van Staden and am a single mom to three busy and content little people. Two girls and a bouncing boy gives me hands on experience as a mom.


My husband was tragically killed riding his motorbike when I was just three weeks pregnant with our third baby. Having been through tragedy it gives me so much appreciation for these special moments that change your life. It also helps me to connect with clients who have often suffered their own loses through pregnancy or close family.


Having my heart full with love for these little humans. I know the special moments we want to treasure for a lifetime. This fuels my passion for birth photography and capturing the emotions your family feels during this life changing time.


Showing a child the story of how he/she came into this life and how much he/she was wanted,  is an incredible gift to a parent and the child one day too. The bond between siblings and the reactions they show reflect so beautifully on a memorable occasion such as this time. And honestly one of my favourite moments to capture. A proud moment for you as their parents.



Why memories captured by birth photographers are the most precious


I truly believe that those first memories and stories of love and connection are the most precious heirloom we can give our children.


This being said a birth photographer should understand and respect the birth space for a mother and her birth partner. This needs to be done in a manner that shows empathy and understanding, considering the health and the human aspects of birth.


What the birth means for the parents is also central to this process and I believe it should not be overlooked in the slightest.


So if you are experiencing some doubts or concerns about having a birth photographer present at your birth then please have a look at our testimonial page below.


To hear more from my past clients please have a look at the testimonial page by clicking here. To see my maternity, birth and newborn photography click here.


I have taken over the South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA) and am currently the relationships manager, working hard behind the scenes to build and protect this beautiful industry. I am proud to say that we hold birth photographers to the highest standards and most private hospitals in South Africa only use birth photographers registered through SABPA.












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