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Sharing an experience such as a birth with someone created a very deep bond and makes friendships be born.

Kristen was not only photographing my delivery, which was long and tough to be honest, but actively helping me in the most simple ways, just like a friend would have done.

She came back and forth and stayed with us long time before the baby came. And came back after to make sure she could capture enough pictures.

The pictures are beautiful, but the main reason why I would recommend Kristen for your experience is that she goes well beyond taking photographs and that is what you need when you go through such a life changing experience.

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Client testimonial

Kristen from Yellow Lemon birth photographer was amazing when it came to capturing the birth of our second child. She not only did the birth but the maternity shoot, meet the family and a new born shoot. Kristen was fantastic from the first meeting, we spoke and she put all my worries or concerns at ease. She is very understanding about what a big moment the birth of our child is and from that moment I knew that she was the perfect person to capture my baby boy’s birth.

Kristen is very easy to get along with, and was open to suggestions that I gave about styled photos I wanted (not for the birth) but maternity and new born.

During the birth she was great and I did not even know she was there, she got great photos that where not posed and so very raw and real and that I will forever treasure. Kristen is amazing during the birth, she really understands what I, as a mother wanted from the photos and short videos, the look I gave my husband the smiles of encouragement, to hear my baby cry for the first time when during the birth I was so overwhelmed I could not remember it, I now know that I have it for all time, and I have Kristen to thank for that. I would not use anyone else for even family photo shoots now, she has become a friend and will always treasure the stunning photos that she took for us to remember that most wonderful day.

Kristen has had 3 of her own kids and knows what to expect during this most special and emotional time.

I would highly recommend using Kristen from Yellow Lemon birth photographer you will not be disappointed.

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Client testimonial
I was fortunate enough to meet Kristen while I was pregnant with my 3rd child. It was an easy decision to ask her to do our maternity shoot. The images she managed to capture in such a short space of time are astounding. She has such natural, raw talent. Each member of the family got individual attention and was made to feel special. It was a wonderfully relaxed, fun-loving shoot, with wardrobe changes happening in the middle of the forest behind blankets, yet the results were so professional and I was thrilled with the outcome.
Again it was an easy decision to appoint Kristen as our birth photographer. She was at the hospital only moments after I called her in the early hours of the morning to say my water had broken a day earlier than my scheduled c-section.
Although this was now an emergency c-section, Kristen remained calm and professional throughout, quietly capturing precious moments that would otherwise be lost to a mother in labour. She is completely uninvasive. You hardly know she is in the room, but at the same time her gentle presence is comforting and reassuring.
When all is said and done she is quick to reward you with a few selected images for use on social media in order to announce the arrival of your little angel.
I can honestly say that my birthing experience would have been incomplete without her there!
Natalie I'Ons

Client testimonial

I came across Yellow Lemon Baby Birth Photography through a referral.  When I visited their website and later met with Kristen, I was immediately drawn to her transparency and endurance.  I received the most amazing service from Kristen, from our maternity shoot, the birth of our first-born son and welcoming our little one home.  The quality of the photographs and videos is impeccable.  I cannot wait to experience the journey again with our second little one sometime soon.  Kristen will be one of the first people I’ll call when that time comes to capture our precious moments again.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Yellow Lemon Baby Birth Photography.

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Zethu Bosiame

Client testimonial

My husband and I can’t thank Kristen enough for so beautifully capturing our journey from pregnancy through to the birth of our second Son, as well as a very special family shoot at home with both our boys.

We will always treasure the photos Kristen gave us, especially the ones from the hospital birth of our Son. Every time I look at those pictures I am taken back to the excitement and awe I felt when meeting my little boy for the first time. How amazing it is to capture that special moment and keep it forever. The pictures were taken so tastefully, and Kristen’s friendly, easy going personality made both my husband and I feel so relaxed to have her at the birth.

The video Kristen put together for us brought tears to my eyes and I watched it many times over. What a special visual gift we’ll be able to show our Son one day – the day we celebrated his arrival to the world.

Thanks so much Kristen for being an integral part of our journey and for giving us priceless memories that we will cherish forever!

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Client testimonial

How do I describe having the biggest moment of my life captured for ever?

And even more – seeing the photos and all is so real that you experience all those emotions again….amazing!

Words are just not enough but let me try.

The fact that we waited for our little miracle, Imke, for almost 6 years made the importance of this photoshoot even more special.

When we met Kristen for the first time, I was already at ease knowing she would take the best pics possible to make sure that this big event in our life is captured forever.

Being first time parents, this whole birth-thing was nerve wrecking but Kristen made sure that we are at least comfortable with her being there capturing memories.

She ensured us that we would not even know she is there and that she would not take any pics that might offend anyone.

With our pregnancy shoot it was extremely hot (or maybe my little build in heater just added 10degrees to the normal temperature!) as it was mid January and I was very uncomfortable carrying the extra load around.

Kristen took fabulous photos and working at a pace that I could keep up. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or tired.

Then came the birth shoot.

We were unsure of exactly when Imke will be born and I was so worried that Kristen would not be able to be there due to something happening at short notice.

But I was so wrong – Kristen promised me that whatever happens whenever, I just give her a call and she will be there…how amazing is that!

At short notice the dr decided to do a ceaser the following day…I phoned Kristen and within 2minutes all was organised.

Early morning on the 31st of January 2017 Kristen arrived at the hospital, looking so relaxed and ready for this adventure, which helped so much otherwise I would have been stressed because she is stressed!

She kept my husband company (and calm!) outside the theatre while I was being prepared for the ceaser.

And although I never believe it could be true,  not once did I notice Kristen in theatre yet she took breath taking pics…

Even back in the room when I first held and fed Imke, Kristen took pics that speaks a 1000 words but not once did I “notice” her. In her quiet, calm manner she captured moments that have emotions that would last forever.

The Home Sweet Home photos were taken when Imke was 10days old. This new mommy was a bit worried that Imke would not “play along” and “waste” Kristen’s time.

Not at all – Kristen took all the time she needed, not rushed at all, to make sure she takes enough photos.

Even allowed me to feed Imke when she started to moan. And allowing mommy to change into all the cute outfits I wanted photos of!

And Kristen even captured some special moments with our doggy-child – seeing that we are now a family of 4!

Once again thank you so much Kristen for all the effort you’ve put in to ensure that our most blessed day are captured forever.

You were a blessing that came across our lives.

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Yolanda Steyn

Client testimonial

Hiring a birth photographer was a huge decision for us, as my husband and I are both very private people. So, our first instincts were to just not let anyone other than the essential hospital staff be in the room with us when our son was due to be born. I am however obsessed with pictures (instead of keeping a diary) as a way of remembering all our adventures as a couple and family, so I feared that my inherent need for privacy will make us miss out on having a keepsake of one of the most momentous moments of our life. Enter Kristen.

I met with her prior to commiting to hire her services, and from the very first moment she made sure we build a lasting relationship. She was professional, courteous, and kind. We did lots of chatting about exactly what will take place. As this was my firstborn, I had no idea what to expect of either a birth photographer or of a birthing room/theatre, and Kristen’s  personal and professsional experiences in this area really put my mind at ease.

And when the big day came –  she was there in the background documenting our son’s birth into our world with the most captivating, heart-melting images.

Kristen went above and beyond what we expected of her throughout the entire process. From start to finish, her organizational skills with the hospital and caregivers were exemplary, even though we didn’t have an exact date to book because our son’s birth was not booked as a C-section. No matter what my concern, question or need, she made me feel as though our son’s birth was the most important thing in the world. The portraits she took were unbelievable. Her ideas and creativity truly stood out. From posing baby with family afterwards and group portraits to candid shots, she truly captured every magical moment of our big day. We were impressed with the quality, professionalism, turnaround time, and the images and video that we got afterwards

My husband and I are now always reminded of the greatest gift we received every time we see ourselves on the happiest day of our lives in the most visual display of our memories that Kristen masterfully created.

Thank you, Kristen, for everything you did for us the day our boy was born… it was truly like we had our closest friend in the room with us. You made us feel so comfortable and relaxed we did not realise you were even there.  Your emotional support was just beautiful. We will never forget our experience after the incredible event you have captured for us

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Ronel van der Merwe

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