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Maternity Photography

Yellow Lemon values being a part of each step of your pregnancy, starting with maternity photography.

Every part of your life is made up of chapters and moments and nearing the end of this time in your life and unique pregnancy is always wonderfully special to document. As a birth photographer capturing your time within pregnancy really begins the story of your life with this new little baby and I love sharing a few special laughs and moments with my clients during their maternity shoot.

I know the journey of pregnancy can be a roller coaster of emotions. From this being your first baby and being able to nourish your body and feel the babies every movement. To this being your second and having not had the time to think about how many weeks you are because you have been running around with your toddler for the last 8 months. Or even to this being your third or fourth pregnancy and your desire to remember this last pregnancy in a special way.

I believe maternity shoots should be as relaxed and stress free as possible. We choose a gorgeous location. We select a suitable time. And then we have some laughs and chats while I take gentle pictures of you, your partner and other children and/or pets.

Birth Photos

As your birth photographer I capture the rawest, and most tender moments when your baby is delivered. Of course all incredible ways of getting your baby into this world are welcome. We take the best birth photos. Home births, natural hospital births, water births, elective caesarean section, emergency c-section, whichever way I am here to capture your journey from start to finish for you and your family.

Birth in all its uniqueness is just that, unique! Every birth is different and every situation is different when it comes to birthing your baby. Because of this process I will continue to adapt to your birthing requirements and make sure we get the best photographers and videography for your incredible birth story.

I will be there to discretely capture your delivery and your birthing story. Due to the nature of birth, I come into the space very gently and document very subtly as to not disturb you. Many of my clients always comment on how they did not even know I was there until after the birth is all over and your baby is cradled in your arms for skin to skin.

I only take on two to three births a month so that I can be constantly available to my birthing parents. Also so that I can deliver the best of my photography skills to you as Yellow Lemon Birth Photography clients.

Newborn Photography

What is more beautiful than newborn photography of your tiny baby that was so recently introduced into the world. As Yellow Lemon’s Birth Photographer I can say capturing the essence of your fresh newborn baby, all snug and warm in their baby-grows and adorable outfits is beyond a joyful opportunity for me.

The great thing about a newborn shoot is really the ability to beautifully sum up your newborn babies entry to their overjoyed family. It has the magic ability of freezing a very special moment to look back on for a lifetime. For you all, as the parents, as well as for your little one who can one day look back and realise just how small they were once upon a time. Because let’s face it, it is hard to believe even for us as parents that they were ever so small.

The newborn photography session brings your birth package (if you have chosen a birth package option) together as we finish your birth story with some treasured photographs and videography moments of your perfect little angel.

Once the dust settles on this life changing event, we book in your newborn photography session. This session is photographed in the comfort of your home so that both mom and baby feel as calm and confident as possible. The newborn photographs are also best done within 10 days of the birth date depending on how mom and baby are doing.

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