Birth photography and one of my most asked questions by potential clients is how early in advance do I need to book my birth photographer? So with that in mind I thought this would be a good time to write a small blog about some of my ideas on timing and why.

Knowledge about the process in birth photography: 

Knowledge is power no matter what situation you find yourself in. When I sit down with my clients and we go through the processes and what to expect from me and the outcomes that can play out during delivery, whether it be a planned C-section, an emergency delivery or a natural, there is a sense of calm and understanding from both parties. I will often have one to two face-to-face meetings with my clients before the big due date so that they are comfortable and they can feel like I have answered all of their questions no matter how big or small it may feel to them at the time.

Building a relationship with your birth photographer:

Connection with your birth photographer and being comfortable that you both have the same understanding of what you want is so important. It carries through the entire pregnancy and it creates something so additional and magical at the end when your photographer puts together YOUR family’s personalities and magic onto YOUR birth story. You never want to rush a relationship and even though you don’t speak constantly, having a good and reliable communication source is always going to benefit you as the client. Your birth team will be your support team through this life changing experience and you should never feel that process has had to be rushed in anyway.

Getting your permissions in order with your hospital and birth team:

With hospitals, comes paperwork and getting your required permissions in time to avoid disappointment. Your doctors need to give permission to have your birth photographer with you, as well as the labor and theatre staff. It is not a complicated step but it is also not a step that we wish to add any further stress so the sooner permissions are in place the more at ease you can feel that all is in order to go ahead with capturing your incredible birth.

Birth photography Cost:

Lastly the dreaded word – FINANCIAL! As many have discovered birth photography is no small fee, due to many reasons, which I will have to write up an entire different blog for. It does not cost a small amount. Many of my clients truly believe in the benefits and that birth photography is indeed an investment in something that can only be truly appreciated (or missed) after the fact, which makes it hard to ‘measure’ beforehand. For this reason I offer my clients three to four month options to spread their payment out over time and this allows them a lot more flexibility with time.

Due to the above reasons and the fact that birth photographers only take a limited amount of bookings. Booking out the diary is often a possibility so it is always advised to not wait too long. 

The sooner the better when it comes to selecting your birth photographer!

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