The first moments and years of your child’s life are the most special and birth photographers are passionate about capturing those moments in a truly magical way!


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Kristen from Yellow Lemon Baby Birth Photography specializes in birth photography in the Cape Town area as well as travelling for births across South Africa.

“I love the work I do for my clients, being able to capture the essence of a birth for all of my clients in nothing short of the most rewarding job you can have. Being able to really give my clients the power of their birth story is so meaningful for them and you can really see it on their reactions and the emotions it evokes after their birth has ended and the journey of parenting begins.”– Kristen van Staden

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"Those first memories and stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children."

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Welcome to Yellow Lemon Birth Photography!   The world of birth photography is growing very rapidly in South Africa. My work at Yellow Lemon Birth Photography involves editing and meeting with new clients regularly. I continue to support past clients and new...

Birth video capturing your story

One Of The Things That Makes Us Unique is your birth video   Your birth video is unique to you and your birth. One of the most popular items in birth photography, is video footage. It is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to which birth...

Mom, Birth Photographer & Blogger

Mom, Birth Photographer & Blogger       Life as a mom, birth photographer and blogger is nothing short of organized chaos which I can't imagine any other way. I have raised my three children on my own since my husband died four years ago.   I...

Why most of my birth photography clients book as early as first trimester:

Birth photography and one of my most asked questions by potential clients is how early in advance do I need to book my birth photographer? So with that in mind I thought this would be a good time to write a small blog about some of my ideas on timing and why....

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